13 September - 14 October, 2017
Tuesday - Friday, 10:ooam - 6:00pm | Saturday 10:00am - 4pm | By Appointment
SIA, 160 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Unit AL 18B (upstairs), Cape Town, 7915

OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, 13 September, 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Drinks provided by The Krone Collection

We’re thrilled to announce that our Art Gallery is the newest addition to the growing, creative community in Woodstock, Cape Town!
Please join us in celebrating the opening of the gallery and exhibition reception, Immeasurable.

Immeasurable, is a two-person exhibition featuring the works of South African artist Ruann Coleman and New York-based artist Dan Sabau.

Immeasurable explores different notions of love and how humans connect with each other.
Finding inspiration in the human condition, Sabau's striking paintings, explore contemporary ideas of beauty and desire. Sabau figuratively and literally draws on the baseness of desire by mixing pig’s blood with the the ethereal delicateness of watercolor paints as he depicts the female subject's beauty, the two forming a tension on the paper where they meet.
Coleman is interested in the relationship between the body and the tools used to extend it as a way to exhibit human relationships. By using devices such as measuring tapes and fishing hooks, Coleman looks at the allegorical language of relationships and the idea of love, attempting to measure these metaphorical distances with altered measuring devices.
Both artists display the realities of human interaction, such as distance and desire, for their beauties and difficulties, without passing judgement. Immeasurable, in and of itself, showcases the complexities of a whole just as the artists do, by bringing together two very different mediums that, despite being different, are able to convey common messages regarding the human experience.
Coleman will be giving a walk-through and artist talk 6:00pm - 6:30pm

Ruann Coleman,Half Hearted I Oxidised Steel and Brass | Dan Sabau, Syrie