The Act But Not The Thing Is Scared

KEREN TOLEDANO: The Act But Not The Thing Is SACred


31 August - 1 December 2017
Monday - Friday, 11:00am - 5:00pm
The Yard, 33 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

This exhibition is part of our ongoing Corporate Art Curation for The Yard: Williamsburg. 


On August 31st, join us in celebrating our newest art exhibit at The Yard: Williamsburg, “The Act but Not the Thing Is Sacred”, featuring the works of artist and writer, Keren Toledano. Be sure to stop by to see the full collection including her site-specific installation!

Keren Toledano, matches colorful abstractions to excerpts from her previous writings. Too often we are married to the ‘things’ we create, and the act of stepping back brings clarity of purpose. The result dissects the whole so that the parts build new totalities. Excerpt and art connect in subtle ways, allowing the artist to see patterns once hidden. Viewers may draw their own connections and consider how meaning must always be made, and remade, in context.

Toledano studied English at Harvard and painting in her New York apartment, where she lives and works. Her art and writing draw from the same creative urge — to find pattern and balance in quotidian chaos.

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