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Silence Is Accurate (SIA) is a New York City based arts consultancy. Focused on the next generation of collectors, SIA specializes in site-specific installation, neon and contemporary art.

Portia Makoma is an independent art curator, designer and former gallerist, she founded Silence Is Accurate (SIA). Makoma has worked alongside innovative organizations that nurture artists such as chashama, and she continues to cultivate unconventional platforms for visual arts showcases. Portia uses her extensive experience in visual arts and design to provide a full service arts consultancy. 


SIA Artist Javier Martin

SIA Artist Javier Martin


 SIA offers clients an educated, independent, and unbiased, opinion of the artworks they are considering — for their home, business, or collection. Sometimes, it’s for decorative purposes. The consultant then acquires the works on behalf of their client and manages their installation.

We also commission individual works, murals and curate temporary exhibitions in commercial spaces.

SIA takes great pride in helping you discover fresh, unexpected art options by local and international emerging artists. 

We have a large roster of artists who work in a variety of mediums - photography, painting, digital print, etc, - and styles to suit every requirement.




SIA offers a wide range of services and manages every step of getting the right artwork onto your walls. We have the capability to manage nearly any scale project from clients in various stages and industries.

Services include:
• Project planning
• Art Acquisition
• Art Handling
• Curatorial Services
• Site-specific Sculptures
• Interactive Installations
• Mural Design
• Commissioned Paintings
• Neon + Light Design
• Spatial Design

SIA Artist Keren Toledano

SIA Artist Keren Toledano

SIA Artist Erik Otto

SIA Artist Erik Otto


SIA partners with its artists to transform spaces into extraordinary whole bodily experiences. We collaborate closely with clients to create innovative private, corporate and startup company collections. Our work may be found in temporary/pop-up presentations in locations such as retail, restaurant, boutique hotels, music festivals and various events. 

After our Silent Board Session, a meeting where you talk and we listen, we execute your unique project from proposal to final installation. We’ll help you understand your taste, build a vision of your project/collection and curate artwork that reflects you or your company. 

  • Initial consultation to determine your requirements and budget
  • On-site or in-home walkthrough 
  • Art scope proposal - suggestions for new works, or updating existing works
  • Refine, or integrate new work into an existing collection
  • Frame and placement recommendations
  • Art fair & gallery visits, if required 
  • Oversee installation

We respect deadlines, do not exceed budgets and offer an enjoyable, transparent experience.




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“I don’t believe the art makes every person who looks at it inherently more creative but it gets them involved on a more intellectual level about innovation around the world.”  - Friedhelm Hütte, global head of art at Deutsche Bank (the investment bank has the biggest collection of corporate art in the world, with some 60,000 art works across 900 offices in 40 countries).